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Shaucha. Purity throughout

If you are asked to imagine a Holy person or a person who has achieved perfection in yoga, most likely, you will have the image of a person in light clean clothes, pleasant appearance, whose speech is soft and pleasant. Most likely, the environment around this person will appear calm and comfortable, and his thoughts — pure and noble. This appearance possess people who have achieved excellence in the practice of sauce, the first vow to yourself. Shaucha is the first Niyama, according to Hatha yoga by Patanjali, which consists in keeping one's body, speech and mind pure.

In Patanjali's Yoga sutras it is said that " from purification comes indifference to one's own body and detachment from others." However, indifference to the body should not be understood as a disregard for it, but the absence of excessive concentration on it. Under detachment from others — the lack of excessive emotionality in relation to other people. That is, we are not talking about extremes, when we do not care about the body and other people, but about a harmonious state in harmony with ourselves and others.

Why is it necessary to observe shoucha on three levels: body, speech and mind?

Let's look at such a simple example. If we put on a Shoe with dirt inside, no matter how clean it is on the outside, we will feel discomfort, we will not be able to walk, which will affect our thoughts and speech. Anyway, there will be the thought that I really want to quickly change shoes, be at home, that nothing is not shook out the dirt, etc. It will be intense and not very focused on the topic under discussion, if it is, of course, not about the dirt in the Shoe, can break out rudeness. If it is clean inside, but dirty outside, we will feel uncomfortable and embarrass others, perhaps we will justify such a misunderstanding in thought or out loud. Similarly, with the body, if something is wrong inside, it will be reflected on the outside of our behavior, thoughts and speech. If outwardly the body is not in order, it will also lead us astray and distract, maybe so that will not allow to realize his plan. It is clear that all levels are interrelated and affect each other, so you need to pay attention to each of them. Let's take a closer look at how the shaucha is implemented, and what it is.

Shaucha on the level of the body

When we talk about purity at the level of the body, we mean not only the physical body: hands, feet, head, but also everything that surrounds a person is expressed materially: clothing, premises, personal belongings, work Desk, etc.Matter is to a certain extent a reflection of our inner state. For example, people who are not able to get rid of old things, and at the level of thought tend to live in the past. If you look closely at the habitat of man, then it is possible to determine quite accurately what he is interested in, what are his preferences, what he lives. It often happens that a person's views are already changing, and the external component is late and, by the way, can inhibit the development of man. Therefore, it is important to monitor the correspondence of the external to the internal. There is also a reverse practice, when a person really wants to change internally and begins to first change the external component in order to then adjust to it, this is also quite an effective approach.

If we talk about the purity of the physical body, then this includes not only the external purity, but also the purity of internal organs and tissues. In yogic texts a lot of attention is paid to this aspect, to learn more about this topic, you need to refer to the topic shatkarm. Shatkarmas are six basic cleansing techniques aimed at harmonizing the work of the whole body: Trataka, Nauli, dhauti, Neti, Basti, kapalabhati. Each of them deserves a detailed consideration, but is not the subject of this article, you can read them in such texts as" Hatha yoga Pradipika "and"Gheranda Samhita". In addition, asanas and pranayamas are also excellent tools in keeping the body clean. And, of course, the food should be as simple and healthy as possible. In General, all of the above is applicable in the practice of purification of the mind.

Shaucha on the speech level

This includes not only the absence of words parasites and profanity, as well as truthfulness, abstinence from nonsense, pleasant intonation, lack of excessive emotionality. That is, the clean speech is speech is calm, meaningful, enjoyable and understandable for everyone. Ironically, but practice a long silence (from one days) — very good a means to improve speech. Because when we are silent for a long time, we see that most situations do not require our comments, much is clear without words. Reading spiritual, classical literature aloud and communicating with moral people also contribute to the purification of speech.

Shaucha at the level of the mind

Patanjali says, " by the Practice of mental purity one attains the capacity for cheerfulness, one-pointedness, control of the senses, and vision of the self." Hence, it is clear that mental purity means refraining from negative, low thoughts associated with emotions such as anger, lust, condemnation, greed, Addition, mental purity includes concentration on one thought, and not spraying thoughts on everything, in other words, a person knows what he is thinking at any given time.

Purity at the level of the mind begins with a conscious approach to the information loaded into it. In big cities it is quite difficult to track the information flow, but we can protect ourselves from it by concentrating on something blissful. That is, we must occupy our minds before they are diverted in an undesirable direction. For this well use, for example mantra, which can be to repeat Pro themselves in any place and in any time. In addition, a great way is meditation with concentration on the image. Also not less effective practice of development and maintenance of purity of mind is reading of spiritual and classical literature where not only the beautiful, pleasant syllable is used, but also the deep sense awakening thoughts of high is put.

To sum up: shaucha is the practice of keeping the body, speech and mind clean, which brings a person closer to harmony with himself and the world around him. Through purification, a person is transformed, both on a gross and subtle level, in other words, his aura becomes pleasant and transforms everything around him.

Perhaps you have met people with the appearance of which everything seems to be filled with light and falls into place, the mood of others changes for the better, conversations acquire a moral character. By the way, each of these criteria can keep track of their level of development in the practice of sauce: how you behave, does their behavior and in what direction, do you swear, and in General, what is the situation around you at home, in the workplace. It's pretty interesting to track.

Keeping the body, speech and mind clean contribute to:

  • Yoga classes: asanas, pranayama, meditation;
  • Maintaining clean areas and clothing;
  • Cleaning techniques;
  • Clean, healthy food;
  • Reading spiritual, classic literature aloud and inwardly;
  • Information flow control;
  • Communication with moral people;
  • The practice of prolonged silence (Vipassana), etc.

Compliance with saucy simplifies the enforceability of the remaining vows, accelerates progress on the path of yoga, an overall positive effect on the lives of not only the practice but also his entourage.

Posted in Shatkarmas on Sep 09, 2019