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Mudra "Window Of Wisdom»


The ring finger is pressed to the base of the thumb is covered with the thumb so that the place of their contact falls on the first phalanx of the thumb the other fingers are stretched and relaxed. This technique is performed with two hands at the same time, fingers and hands remain relaxed. It is permissible to perform mudra only on one hand.


On the thin plan execution wise and harmonizes the work of manipura chakra, opens the vital energy centers in the physical plane — restores cerebral blood circulation, stimulates mental abilities, developing thinking, treat sclerosis of brain vessels, on the emotional plane - helps to get rid of chaotic thoughts and focus.

Peculiar properties

A similar gesture of the Buddha is called Kartari-wise, or "resting Position": the index and middle fingers are stretched out straight, resembling the ears of a rabbit or deer horns. Sacred symbols were often held between these two fingers.

Posted in Encyclopedia of yoga on Aug 31, 2019