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Jnana the wise


The pads of the index fingers of both hands are connected to the pads of the big ones, form a ring. The little finger, ring finger and middle finger remain erect. Palm turned up. There is also the option of performing mudra knowledge with one hand. This option is particularly relevant when performing pranayama, when one of the hands (most often the right) is involved in the regulation of the nature of breathing by overlapping one of the nostrils.


Traditionally, the practice of Jnana-wise on the thin plan activates the Sahasrara chakra, and physical – allows you to harmonize the biological rhythm, normalizes blood pressure; eliminates anxiety, stress and anxiety; helps to cope with depression and fatigue; improves memory, stimulates mental function, awakens the reserve opportunities of the person.

Peculiar properties

Mudra is one of the most widely used in performing various yoga techniques, in Buddhism, and even martial arts of the East. The Buddha's hand performing Jnana mudra at the heart level is a symbol of openness to the entire Universe. As a gesture of openness to the new, this mudra also symbolizes knowledge about man and about the world as a whole.

Posted in Encyclopedia of yoga on Aug 31, 2019