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How to overcome fear. Analyze the causes and effects

Suddenly escaped from the corner of the machine, polyphonic vicious dog barking behind you, don't Bode well, suddenly jumped from around the corner of a passerby on a dark unlit street, a rhetorical question "got a light?", sounded in the doorway on a dark cold evening-all this makes an invisible "cold snake" stir somewhere in the solar plexus.

Slowly moving through our body, it rises higher — to the heart, freezes a heavy lump in the throat and stings to the heart with its icy poison, paralyzing the brain. Many of us know this feeling. Fear paralyzes, fear can make you act irrational. Fear awakens in us everything that has long been crushed by evolution, progress and moral norms. Under the influence of a strong sense of fear, man begins to act like an animal.

Intense fear paralyzes so much that our personality is formed during the long years of living, completely disabled and we act solely on instinct: when you turn on the reaction of "fight or flight". And all moral attitudes, beliefs, principles are turned off at the moment when the cold wave of horror covers us with the head. When the attack of fear passes, and we return to our usual state of consciousness, we can not explain why we acted in one way or another, why we committed certain actions that moved us and why we acted so illogically.

Units manage to keep cool in stressful situations when there is a real or even quite illusory threat to life and health. The ability to remain conscious and calm in such situations is years of training or a blessing given from birth. In the preparation of the sniper there is such an exercise: a person is placed in a certain room with various reptiles, arachnids and other living beings, one kind of which most are disgusted and afraid. And in this state, the future sniper should not only spend a long time, but also shoot accurately. To pass that test this unit, because when fear paralyzes the nervous system, the person instantly loses all your skills and reflexes and not to shoot, to move the legs and even then not always.

How to get rid of fear once and for all, or at least learn to coexist with it more or less comfortably? Fear is not only in the form of a sudden paralyzing strong emotion, but also in the form of a certain heavy oppressive state, which can be stretched over time — for months and even years. People sentenced to death sometimes wait years to be executed in a cell. What they feel about it — hard to say. Every time footsteps are heard in the corridor and keys ring, a person dies. Not physically, but mentally. So 50 times to walk along the corridor and bullets to waste will not be necessary.

There are cases when people in such situations saddled in a matter of hours. This is a vivid example of how fear can adversely affect health. Therefore, if you regularly experience a feeling of fear, you can not put up with it. The processes that occur in the body during a strong experience of the emotion of fear, extremely negative impact on the state of the body. The detrimental effect on the body is so strong that one such attack of fear can end in a heart attack or complete cardiac arrest, even in a completely sane person.

Modern benefits of civilization and technological progress largely secure our lives. We don't have to fight wild animals every day to protect our lives, we don't have to risk going hunting every day. Therefore, today we are in a much better position than our distant predecessors. However, freed from fears real, we have become victims of fears far-fetched. Open any medical reference book or at least the same Wikipedia — and you will be surprised what phobias people have.

Fear of dogs, doctors, dangerous germs and banal dismissal from work today is no surprise. However, there are truly exotic phobias: fear of flowers, fear of infinity, fear of gold, fear of walking, fear of writing, fear of things located on the right, fear of work, work, fear of buttons, fear of looking at the sky and many others. All this would be funny and funny, if these diagnoses were not broken destinies.

People suffering from such illogical fears are forced to adjust their lives according to their fears. And it is difficult to imagine how a person lives with the fear of breathing or walking. Therefore, overcoming fear in the modern world is very important. Technological and social progress did not protect us from fears, but, on the contrary, gave rise to many new ones.

How to get rid of fear

How to eliminate this painful condition, which sometimes completely deprives us of the opportunity to behave adequately and, objectively speaking, significantly reduces the quality of life. People suffering from the forms of fear that prevent you to live the years go by psychologists, psychiatrists, hypnotist, swallow the pill, disappointed in medicine, hit in religion and spirituality, go to "grandmother" and "sorcerers" in the hope that those questionable rituals, which are often regular fraud, will be able to "exorcise the demon", "to remove the damage and clear the karma of the family".

No one really understands what all these concepts come from children's fairy tales and what are the causes of fear in General, but when life becomes a burden, you begin to believe in anything. If you are like most people, no doctors, no "dibs" is fundamentally can not change anything. The first-just stop the symptoms, putting a person on lifelong use of tablets with a constant increase in dosage, the second-act through suggestion, by demonstrating epic rituals. Impressionable sometimes works. However, given the fact that most phobias are illusory fears that take possession of a person from excessive impressionability, this method of getting rid of fears can be considered to some extent effective.

So, before we talk about ways to eliminate fears, we should talk about their causes. There may be several reasons, but most often they are related and secondary reasons follow from the original.

The first reason is karmic

There is a basic law of the universe " what you sow and reap." The main and initial reason for fear can surely say that the accumulated negative karma. How does this happen? A person, becoming the cause of someone experiencing fear, creates a reason for himself to experience fear in the future. The law of karma is absolute and according to it any action has a cause and will have consequences. Therefore, if a person experiences fear, then he has created reasons for it in the past. And if it makes someone feel fear, it creates reasons to feel fear in the future.

Most people, after thinking about their lives, will say that they did not oppress or intimidate anyone and there is no apparent reason to suffer from fears themselves now. But here the problem is not in the injustice of the world (which many, unfortunately, believe), but in the fact that a person looks superficially. For example, parents, punishing their child, too emotionally involved in this process or practicing some cruel punishment, can provoke the emergence of a child's fears and even chronic phobias.

Parents, from their point of view, these events seem trifles, and in a child such life situations can actually cause serious psychological suffering and the formation of phobias. And it is not surprising if after a while such parents may show some fears. This is one example of how sometimes trivial and inconspicuous events can have very serious and unpleasant consequences.

Another karmic cause of fear, which many, through ignorance or frivolity, miss, is the eating of meat. Observations of animals that are slaughtered in slaughterhouses show that the animal understands and realizes everything and already a few hours before death begins to feel that he will soon be killed. Do you remember the above example of those sentenced to death who turn gray in a few hours? Here in the same exact conditions is the animal that knows he will be killed soon. Of course, many can say that because do we not killing anyone. We ... just pay for these murders.

Imagine a man who hires a hit man to kill his abuser or just an "inconvenient" person? Isn't the customer to blame? Rhetorical question. In fact, eating meat causes enormous suffering to living beings around the world, and it just can't go away without a trace.

There is even opinion, that precisely meat-eating is also karmic cause of wars on earth. However, there is a more specific reason why eating meat causes fears. While killing an animal is experiencing very intense fear, horror at the fact that now he will have to part with life. If you think that the animal does not understand anything, it is a delusion.

Scientists, observing the white blood cells and virus cells in the blood, saw the cell, the virus escapes from the erythrocyte. That is, even such a primitive form of life has an understanding of life and death and does not want to die. Therefore, the animal experiences a very strong fear during slaughter, and this fear in the form of hormones remains in the meat of the animal; consuming meat, we saturate our body with these hormones, and we begin to have fears.

In fact, experience shows that after giving up meat over time (after the body is cleansed) fears, if not disappear completely, then at least weaken at times. Thus, the presence of fears is due to the primary cause-the accumulated negative karma of causing psychological discomfort to other living beings. And, being the cause of fear of someone, a person will inevitably experience fear himself.

Also, if we look at the question of the karmic cause of fears from the point of view of reincarnation, the reasons why we now experience fear could be created in past lives. It is possible to believe or not to believe in reincarnation, but such version has the right to existence. In past lives, being, for example, a warrior or a cruel ruler, we could cause fear in a large number of people. Now suffer themselves. In any case, the reason for our fears is always only that we ourselves show violence to this world — consciously or unconsciously. In order to eliminate the karmic cause of fear, it is necessary once and for all to renounce all forms of violence: physical, psychological and mental.

The second reason is energy

Despite the fact that the basic reason for fear is the accumulated karma, a secondary reason for fear can be energy blockages in the chakras. In most cases our fears are in the second chakra-Swadhistan. This is the kind of animal horror that we experience when a car jumps out of the corner at us. Try at such a moment to track where the feeling of fear arises and how you feel it. In most cases, the feeling of fear will be felt literally physically-5-10 centimeters below the navel.

That is where the Swadhisthana chakra is, which vibrates when we experience fear. Rather, the sequence here is the opposite: the chakra vibrates, and we begin to experience fear. Why chakra begins to vibrate, often even when the objective reasons for fear not? This is due to the fact that in the chakra there are some blocks through which energy can not pass freely.

Why are there these units? The primary cause of their occurrence, again, accumulated negative karma, which is recorded in our chakras. A secondary reason could be many, but to consider them makes no sense, because they are still conditioned by karma, and should eliminate the primary cause. To ease your condition with the chakra a certain way to work. Fears and phobias is an imbalance in the chakra, and to bring her back into balance, should first eliminate all the factors that disbalansiruet chakra.

To bring the chakra into a state of balance, it is recommended to refuse or at least limit sexual pleasures, reduce the consumption of sharp, bright, rich flavors: salt, sugar, tea, coffee, spices and any products with flavor enhancers. It is the feeling of pleasure during sex and delicious food are the factors, which are removed from the balance Svadhisthana-chakra, causing it to vibrate excessively.

In the course of these vibrations is very strong discharge of energy and there is a shortage of energy in the chakra. This leads to the fact that there are fears or amplify existing ones. The relationship between sexual entertainment and fear has long been known to mankind. That is why in ancient times, warriors were often monastic and ascetic way of life in order to not drain the energy through the second chakra, thus making her vulnerable to fears. Also observations show that adolescents who abuse sweets and refined food with bright flavors or are very early "hooked" on sexual favors", then become a coward, fearful and vulnerable in a variety of stressful situations.

Withdraw from balance Svadhisthana-chakra is very simple, and the consequences of this can be very painful and heavy. However, the rejection of the factors that destroy the integrity of the second chakra is only part of it. It is also possible to recommend specific yoga practices to eliminate imbalances and energy blocks in the chakra.

First of all, these are asanas. To work with Swadhisthana most effective asanas are aimed at opening the hip joints: Paschimotanasana, Gomukhasana, Hanumanasana, Yoga mudra, Padmasana. To purify the Svadhisthana chakra, we can advise a powerful purifying practice of Shankha-Prakshalana.

At the physical level, this practice cleanses the entire gastrointestinal tract, which will also be positive, since the slagging of the body and intestines can also have a negative impact on the psyche and increase fears. But mostly Shankha-Prakshalana affects the body on an energetic level, clearing the Svadhisthana-chakra. Also practices that can help in balancing the chakra are pranayama-breathing exercises. For purification Svadhisthana chakra the most effective pranayama will be as follows: "Nadi-Sodhana", "Kapalabhati", "bhastrika" and a General calming of the mind (which is important in the struggle with the fears) can you recommend pranayama "Apasati-Hinayana". Harmoniously combining all these techniques, it is possible within a few months (Yes, the process is not fast) to bring the Swadhistan chakra into a state of balance, and the problem with fears can either be solved at all, or the state will radically change for the better.

The third reason is physical

Also important is the physical cause of fears. It had been mostly concerned with issues of power. As mentioned above, eating meat is a source of fear hormones that upset our nervous system, causing it to react very actively even to minor stimuli. Therefore, giving up meat is perhaps the first most effective step in the fight against fears. Also, as mentioned above, you need to get rid of excessive taste stimulation, that is, to exclude or at least limit the use of sugar, salt, seasonings, coffee, tea, flavorings.

In General, think about your diet: fears may appear or increase due to slagging of the body, and this is mainly due to malnutrition. This is important to understand. So the question of nutrition also plays an important role in the question of having fears.

The fourth reason is psychological

Another secondary cause of fear may be psychological background. For example, if a child barked in childhood dog (again, karma, because it is all due), then a person can then be afraid of dogs all his life. How to eliminate the psychological causes of fears? Meditative practices can help here. Meditation allows you to calm the mind and in a state of calm — to pull out from the depths of the subconscious negative impressions, to realize them, to relive and thereby eliminate the cause of fear. Therefore, meditative practices can help in the fight against fears. At least you will become more calm and conscious, and this will help to create unfavorable conditions for your fears, as a result of which fears will at least weaken, and in the future will disappear altogether.

These four reasons for having fears are the main ones. The basic of them are karmic prerequisites, and the other three reasons are only a method of realization of the karma that a person has accumulated and which has caused him to experience fears at this stage. It is worth noting that the practice of yoga accelerates the return of karma and allows it to manifest itself in the most safe and harmless way. Therefore, any yogic practices will have a beneficial effect in terms of eliminating fears. Because when the karmic causes are eliminated, the fears will go away by themselves. But it requires serious work on yourself. And yoga is perhaps the most effective tool.

Fear is a brake on evolution and spiritual development

It is important to understand that fear is a kind of program of our psyche, which was conceived by nature. The instinct of self — preservation is the basic instinct of all living beings, which is necessary for their survival. If not for this instinct, we would not be able to live in this world and the first few years of his life: the first case would jump from the balcony, so, just for curiosity. So fear is neither good nor bad, it is a tool.

But in our society, the feeling of fear is often hypertrophied. Perhaps people are deliberately imposed fears and phobias, so that society can be easier to manage, perhaps it happens by itself, it is not so important. What is important is that hypertrophied fear is a brake on our evolution. Remember how many times you have given up on some change in your life or trying to do something important because of fear?

Surely everyone in life at least once had a situation where he was afraid of the feelings of fear. Perhaps it was justified and reasonable. Or maybe it was just a stupid phobia and you missed some important opportunity in life. Therefore, fear must be kept under control. He should be a servant, signaling to us about real dangers, not a master who makes us shy away from every rustle, walking in the evening on a dark street. There are many examples in life when fears really prevent people from fully living and developing. One such situation occurred 2,500 years ago.

2500 years ago Buddha Shakyamuni came to our world. Practicing under the Bodhi tree, he achieved Awakening and full Enlightenment, for which he received his name — Buddha. But few people know what trials he went through in the course of his meditations. According to legend, when the Buddha was meditating under a tree, Mara appeared before him-the King of Death, who did not want to let go of any of his tenacious paws. At first Mara sent his daughters to the Buddha, who seduced him with various pleasures, but the Buddha remained adamant. Then Mara showed the Buddha a terrible reality: he created the illusion that he was surrounded by a huge army of various demonic beings. Thus, Mara tried to create fear and horror in the Buddha's mind. However, Buddha, already hardened by previous fights with Mara and having experience in meditation, accepted with a smile all attempts of Mara to intimidate him. After going through all the trials, he reached Awakening and escaped from the power of Mara.

This inspiring story tells us that fear is an indispensable attribute of moving along the Path. This is a test, after which we become stronger. Maybe your fear is really your Blessing. After all, agree, only the presence of fear forced you to start looking for some methods of getting rid of it and allowed to stumble upon information that fears can be dealt with with the help of yoga. And maybe your fear is your most important teacher who will motivate you to develop. After all, in this perfect and beautiful world, anything can act as a Teacher: a difficult life situation, detractors who allow us to cultivate patience and perseverance, diseases that motivate us to change our way of life and search for means for healing, well, fears as an excuse to overcome ourselves and start practicing yoga, which will allow us to get rid of fears and after some time with a laugh to remember those things that once caused suffering.

Posted in Self-development on Aug 31, 2019