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Ardha Of Bhujangasana

The Sanskrit:

  • Ardha – "the floor»
  • bhujang – "Cobra»
  • asana – "posture of the body"

The front part of the body in the final pose resembles the Egyptian Sphinx, so it is also called the "Sphinx pose".

Ardha of Bhujangasana: technique

  • lie on the floor, face down
  • extend the feet so that the heels and soles are facing upwards
  • put your forehead on the floor
  • bend your arms and place your forearms on the floor
  • hands should lie palms down so that the fingertips are in line with the top of the head
  • relax the whole body, especially the muscles of the back and legs
  • take a deep breath
  • then, as you inhale, slowly lift your head and shoulders so that the upper part of your forearms takes a vertical position
  • elbows must remain on earth
  • perform the movement using only the arms; the muscles of the back should remain relaxed throughout the practice


  • strengthens the spine
  • stretches the chest, shoulder girdle, abdominal muscles
  • strengthens the gluteal muscles
  • stimulates the digestive system


  • back injury
  • headache
  • pregnancy

Posted in Encyclopedia of yoga on Aug 31, 2019