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Anjali wise


Is a hand position in which palms and fingers tightly clasped between them, fingers facing up, and raised to the level of the chest, the heart chakra (anahata).


Grants good to all beings. Eliminates the imbalance on the emotional and mental planes, promotes internal concentration, creates a sense of harmony, balance, peace, silence and peace. Activates and harmonizes the work of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Calms thoughts and brings clarity, gives spiritual strength, which is easily transformed into physical. This position of the hands is a gesture of reverence and respect.

Peculiar properties

It is one of the most common and widely used to this day in Southeast Asia and the far East. It is a traditional "prayer gesture". Also used as a greeting. Often the performance of anjali mudra is accompanied by the utterance of the word "Namaskar" ("bow, reverence"). Anjali-wise at chest level, it is customary to greet equals, at the level of the "third eye" — his Guru, and over the top — God.

Posted in Encyclopedia of yoga on Aug 31, 2019