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Abhaya wise


This gesture is performed with the right hand raised or bent at the elbow, at the level of the face, chest or above. The hand is turned palm away, the fingers are directed upwards. The gesture is sometimes made with both hands. In the Theravada tradition, abhaya mudra is usually constructed as follows: the right hand is raised to shoulder height, the hand is tilted, the palm is turned outward, the fingers together and upwards, the left hand rests along the body downwards (in a standing position).


This mudra gives freedom from fear and improves relations with other people.

Peculiar properties

Mudra symbolizes fearlessness, confidence, lack of fear, the gift of protection and, at the same time, goodwill. It is a gesture of affirmation of power in Hindu iconography, meaning, among other things, patronage, approval and security.

Posted in Encyclopedia of yoga on Aug 31, 2019